Individual Coaching

Coaching is a great way to work on your personal development. It helps you to create a clear perspective on your life and to get to know yourself better. From a place of knowing who you are and what drives you, you can make more conscious choices. Choices regarding who you want to become.

During our coaching sessions, we will focus on what is really important to you, where you derive your energy from. We will also look at what you are passionate about, what you value and what has prevented you from achieving your dreams so far.

You set the agenda: you know best what it is that you want to achieve. I offer passionate and professional support to enhance your leadership, your life and to help you find your own answers. I do this by listening, asking powerful questions and empowering you.

You might want to approach one or more things differently in your life. Are you;

  • wanting to have more time for yourself
  • wanting to create more joy and less stress
  • looking for a better balance between work and family life
  • aiming to create a healthier lifestyle
  • having difficulties in setting your boundaries or
  • looking for having a more fulfilled life?

Whatever your life needs, coaching can support you in creating the life you want for yourself and keep it on track.

It all starts with an initial conversation to get to know each other. During this conversation, we will briefly explore your goals for coaching. This will allow you to determine whether I am the right coach for you. A personal ‘click’ is important!

Once you decide you want to work with me, we will have a more intensive intake conversation. At this point in time we will:

  • explore your coaching goals in more detail
  • get to know each other better
  • design our alliance, by discussing and agreeing how and where we will work together
  • start coaching

This intake is then followed by 6-8 coaching sessions, depending on what we have agreed upon. I will ask you to work on assignments in between the sessions, or to reflect on a question. All in support of your growth.

After 6-8 sessions we will together evaluate where you are in your development and what you have accomplished and whether you have reached your goals. This evaluation will determine whether coaching needs have been achieved, or may continue for a few more sessions if you deem necessary.

Apart from the initial conversation, all sessions will last for 1,5 hours. Sessions will be scheduled every 2-3 weeks.

Tools I use

When coaching individuals, designing leadership programmes or working with (parts of) an organization, I might suggest to use one of the tools below. All these to me are a means to an end, a starting point for a development journey.

I am a certified consultant/practitioner in all of the following: